Day: 6 July 2019

Kitesurfing equipment: where to buy it in Milan?

A sailing sport born in 1999 as a variant of surfing, kitesurfing consists in being pulled by a sort of kite that uses the wind as its propeller and that is operated through a bar, to which it is connected by four or five thin cables between 22 and 27 meters long.

Those who practice it stand on a board and glide over the water, with the advantage – unlike windsurfers – of being able to try their hand at kitesurfing even when the wind is weak: this sport, in fact, does not require strong winds to go at speed and to perform tricks and accelerations.

But what kitesurfing equipment do you need to buy if you want to get closer to this sport? After completing a course, which provides its equipment, if you intend to continue you must buy a board (which initially will be a TwinTip board), a sail and a trapeze, as well as a helmet, jacket and a wetsuit. The choice of board and sail must be made on the basis of the rider’s weight.

But which are the best kitesurfing equipment shops in Milan? Let’s find out together.

Decathlon Cairoli

A reference point for fans of any sport, Decathlon (in Foro Buonaparte 74) offers a multitude of products for kitesurfing, windsurfing, traction sport, powerkite, acrobatic kitesurfing and boomerang. Here you can buy the kitesurf boards “Zeruko 500” of Ora, both for men and women, suitable for every type of sportsman: beginner, expert, freeride or freestyle.


In viale Longarone 43-49 in Zibido San Giacomo, in the province of Milan, Negrinautica is the perfect place to buy kitesurfing equipment. Actually, it all started here with sailing: over time, the shop has introduced clothes and accessories for kitesurfing (but also for surfing and SUP), from clothing for men and women to hats and visors (relying on the leading brands NP Surf and Manera) up to the boards.

But there is even, in Milan, a tour operator dedicated to kitesurfing lovers (and not only): it is Sportful Travel, in via Sofonisba Anguissola 20. Specializing in organizing holidays for sportsmen, it offers trips to the best spots in the world for those who want to practice kitesurfing in fairytale contexts.