Cycling with pedal assistance: everything you need to know

Cycling with pedal assistance: everything you need to know

When we go to the city to go to work, to go shopping or to school, the first thing that comes to mind is the traffic, the smog, but especially the difficulty of parking our car every day. The solution could be to buy a pedal-assisted bicycle, a completely ecological vehicle, fast enough to reach the many destinations close to us and above all clean and cheap.

If you want to find out how it works and the many advantages associated with this means of transport, all you have to do is read this section.

Cycling with pedal assistance: how does it work?

The pedal assisted bicycle is nothing more than a hybrid between the classic bicycle and an electrically powered vehicle, such as, for example, an electric scooter or an electric scooter without a license. Its great advantage is in fact that it is equipped with a small electric motor that allows you to pedal with less effort than a non-motorized bicycle.

However, it should not be confused with the classic scooter that maintains its peculiar characteristics of motorized vehicle, not only because the pedal assisted bicycle does not require the license type AM proper to the moped, but also because the Italian law clearly specifies that the speed of the pedal assisted bicycle should not exceed 25 km/h. If you exceed this speed, it is essential to deactivate the electrical assistance of the motor. If this is not the case, the vehicle becomes a moped-equivalent vehicle and is therefore subject to registration plates and compulsory insurance for the electric bike, with subsequent criminal consequences.

Cycling with pedal assistance: advantages

The advantages of using a pedal-assisted bicycle are many, especially when it comes to crossing difficult terrain such as mountains and city streets. In the countryside and in the mountains it is especially useful if you need to reach places of small to medium distances or even to make particularly steep climbs and therefore need a little extra push to get to the goal without effort (so it is not really a great vehicle to lose weight!).

Nor should its great potential to move easily in city traffic be overlooked, especially when the roads are particularly clogged and requires greater agility in city mobility. If the city is your natural habitat, an excellent solution could be to buy a folding pedal assisted bicycle, comfortable to carry and ergonomic, maybe even equipped with GPS to make it even safer and at all times traceable in case of theft.

Cycling with pedal assistance: prices

The prices of pedal-assisted bicycles may vary not only according to the brand, but also according to the various basic equipment such as brakes, saddle, wheels and engine power.

The costs are around 500-600 euros for the cheapest models to reach 1000-1500 euros for the most expensive and equipped models. Finally, it should not be forgotten that the investment for the purchase of a pedal assisted bicycle is, in the end, ridiculous if you consider that you cancel all costs arising from fuel, maintenance and insurance of traditional motor vehicles.

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