Going running in winter? Just the right clothing!

Going running in winter? Just the right clothing!

Running in winter may seem crazy, but true sports lovers don’t give up running and its benefits even in the cold season.

Here is a useful guide on anti-cold clothing and accessories.

How to dress up to go running in winter?

No to cotton: cotton clothes absorb sweat and moisture, so if you wear natural fabric running clothes you risk getting a cold. Choose the right fabrics, i.e. those that have both an insulating and a breathable component: in this way the heat is retained, while sweat is released. We recommend materials made of 100% anti-odour polyester.

It is important to wear a good quality thermal jersey in order not to create itching and other annoyances in contact with the skin. Avoid the classic K-way that will make you sweat too much without losing weight! No matter if you are a man or a woman, it is advisable to wear a tights to run and feel lighter. Like restful socks, there are models that stimulate microcirculation and reduce muscle fatigue, also allowing you to limit soreness, thanks to the drop in muscle vibrations.

Pants: we recommend a model with side seams (possibly with zippered pockets and a drop pocket at the waist). It will be easier to store small iPods or MP3s, essential for running.

Our outfit is completed by a snow jacket, windproof and rainproof that we recommend you buy with snow clothing in the outlets. Most winter running clothing is made with reflective inserts, but in case of fog, darkness or reduced visibility, it is useful to take the right precautions and equip yourself with luminescent accessories.

If the cold becomes more intense, to be able to practice our beloved running in winter you can add a layer between the jersey and the sweatshirt: we suggest the fleece, which has an insulating component for a run away from the cold. And then, once home… you have to change immediately after jogging!

Tips for the coolest accessories

Cold hands are one of the worst things about running. It is essential to have gloves made of thermal fabric. For materials, we recommend: nylon, polyester and spandex to keep hands warm while sweat is kept away from the skin.

Breathing cold air is not the best when running in winter. A combo windproof neck warmer can be a good solution to avoid taking ailments while running. There are all sorts of them. For the female outfit: from black to spotted, to the pastel colours of the moment (pink, purple).

If the temperature drops very low, you can add a more “technical” underwear: warm and well adherent that retains moisture, retains heat and neutralizes odors. What about the head? The latter disperses up to 30% of our body heat. It is important to complete our winter jogging clothing with a double-layer running band or winter beret.

In short, running in winter at any temperature is possible with the right winter running gear (not forgetting the right running shoes!) and dressing up as an onion will be even cooler!