Guide to buying the best rock shoes

Guide to buying the best rock shoes

Rock shoes, also called “hedgehog shoes” are absolutely essential if you practice water sports such as snorkeling or if you go to rocky beaches or you prefer to live in the sea near the cliffs.

Choose carefully the rock shoes and always wear them when spending time on rocky shores or near rough sea beds avoids incurring in small but annoying accidents such as cuts and wounds of various kinds as well as stings of animals such as precisely the hedgehogs or dangerous tracers.

Characteristics of anti-slip rock shoes

Now that we’ve finally put our snowshoes aside, let’s get ready for a conscious purchase of the new, lighter rock shoes. The main feature that this solution must necessarily possess is a sturdy non-slip sole. The structure of the sole, as well as the material from which it is formed must be of good quality and equipped with a structure similar to that of rocker shoes, also suitable for climbing or sport climbing.

Another fundamental characteristic of a good pair of rock climbing shoes is the adherence to the foot and the flexibility under the thrust of the body weight. In practice, therefore, the hedgehog shoes must be a sort of second skin, so as not to slip off when, bending, the foot deforms the shoe allowing water to enter.

Choosing a velcro closure is one of the best solutions to definitively prevent the loss of shoes while at sea, but there are also models that do not need special closures and adhere to the top of the foot thanks to the elasticity of the materials from which they are made.

The breathable material is excellent for rock shoes intended to be worn for long periods, while the transparent rock shoes, which can be made exclusively of rubber, are suitable for those who prefer to maintain a less sporty and more discreet look and especially for those who wear rock shoes rarely and for short periods.

Rock shoe models with fingers are preferred by those who literally climb rocks and rocky protuberances or who walk on them for a long time. This type of shoe allows a total adaptation of the foot to the ground (horizontal or vertical) thanks to the ability to articulate perfectly each toe of the foot.

Choose the size of your rock climbing shoes

When choosing the size of curly shoes you should always refer to the size chart provided by the manufacturer, except for the presence of disorders such as hallux valgus. The golden rule of sports shoes (i.e. that it is always better to take a measure just larger than the actual size of the foot) does not apply at all to rock shoes. A shoe that is too large will risk increasing the risk of slipping on the rocks, preventing the foot from grasping the ground correctly; a shoe that is too small, especially if used for a long time, could hurt or cut the foot (especially in the upper part) or in any case make the period in which it is worn very uncomfortable.

Where to buy rock shoes?

Rock shoes are sold in every shop specializing in sports equipment and, of course, in stores that handle equipment and clothing for marine and diving activities. By contacting specialized shops you will be sure to always buy quality products, able to last over time, to ensure excellent protection to the foot and a good grip on rough underwater terrain.

Curly shoes for sale in supermarkets or tourist shops of seaside resorts are generally of low or medium quality and may even have metal closures that should be avoided absolutely for the speed with which they rust in contact with water, increasing the risk of dangerous injuries.

The price of good quality rock shoes ranges from €15 to €20 and more professional models can even exceed these figures, while the price of cheaper models is around €10. The model with fingers is much more expensive, reaching even prices around 75 euros.

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