How to sleep properly during pregnancy

How to sleep properly during pregnancy

It is difficult to overestimate the role of sleep in the life of every person. A full healthy rest allows you to completely restore the functioning of the nervous system, relieve tension, improve performance and increase activity. Chronic sleep deprivation is the cause of many diseases. What can we say about a woman who is at the stage of bearing a baby. During this period, she, more than ever, needs a healthy, long and full sleep. However, unfortunately, it is during this period that one can only dream of a peaceful sleep. Use the best pregnancy pillows, its help you.

As soon as a woman finds out about her new situation, she has to give up a lot for the health of the future baby. And you need to give up not only bad habits: alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, but also a comfortable sleep.

Insomnia can be caused by :

  • Anxiety;
  • Frequent urination
  • Fears and phobias before a new stage in your life;
  • Nervousness and irritability;
  • Indigestion;
  • Toxicosis;
  • Physical ailment;
  • Inconvenient posture.

Good sleep is the key to the health of the unborn baby

During the period of bearing a child, the female body experiences an extraordinary stress, especially in the last trimester. The need for the duration of sleep increases, because the body spends much more energy. Therefore, healthy sleep and pregnancy are inextricably linked.

As soon as a woman finds out about her new situation, she has to give up a lot for the health of the future baby. And you need to give up not only bad habits: alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, but also a comfortable sleep.

Let’s try to figure out how to sleep during pregnancy, so as not only not to harm the health of your unborn baby, but to sleep well.

Finding a comfortable sleeping position

Each person has their own favorite position in which they fall asleep and sleep easily. Many people cannot imagine a comfortable rest on their backs, accustomed to sleeping on their stomachs. This habit will have to be sacrificed, as it is unsafe for the normal development of the fetus. If in the first three months of pregnancy a woman can still sleep in the position in which she is accustomed and comfortable, then after the first trimester the growing belly will not allow to lie safely in such a position. Despite the natural protection of the baby in the form of amniotic fluid, there is a high probability of injuring the baby in a dream by squeezing it. But what is the right way to sleep during pregnancy?

Back pose

Even if you are accustomed to sleeping in the Spartan position, on your back, with your arms outstretched, already from the 28th week you will have to radically change your way of life. The fact is that as the fetus grows, the load on the intestines and vena cava will significantly increase, blocking the access of oxygen to the baby.

As soon as a woman finds out about her new situation, she has to give up a lot for the health of the future baby. And you need to give up not only bad habits: alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, but also a comfortable sleep.

Sleeping on your back during pregnancy can cause the following problems:

  • Dizziness;
  • Nausea;
  • Seizures;
  • Limbs grow numb;
  • Decrease in pressure;
  • Hemorrhoids;
  • Breathing heaviness.

If you feel these symptoms or the baby gives persistent signals, it is necessary to urgently change the position, since the squeezing of the vena cava is fraught not only with the poor health of the mother, but also with a deficiency in the supply of oxygen to the fetus.

Pose on the stomach

One of the most beloved positions for many people, which allows you to quickly fall asleep while hugging a pillow. Many women, as soon as they learn about the change in their life, are interested in the question, is it possible to sleep on your stomach during pregnancy? Doctors recommend abandoning this position for the first weeks, even before the enlarged belly does not give an opportunity to fall asleep calmly.

If you are afraid during sleep, without controlling your movements, to randomly roll over on your stomach, you can put a large pillow that does not allow you to change position.

Side pose

In order to normalize your sleep and not harm your baby’s health, experts recommend sleeping on your side during pregnancy. And if at first this option seems unacceptable to many, after the second trimester, lying on its side is the only possible one. But here the question arises, on which side to sleep to ensure the safety of the fetus?

Sleeping on the right side can cause compression of the kidney, which can be dire. The ideal position is to lie on your left side. Thus, you not only do not injure the unborn baby, but also improve blood flow along with oxygen to the placenta.

But one should not ignore the individual characteristics of each organism and the position of the fetus in the uterus. When the baby is in a lateral position, choose the side where the baby’s head is. And with breech presentation, doctors recommend changing the position several times per night.

If you still cannot improve your sleep, you feel unwell and you are tormented by insomnia, then it is better to consult a specialist. A good gynecologist will analyze the situation and help solve the problem. If necessary, he will prescribe a safe sedative that will stabilize the emotional state and help you fall asleep, rest and restore the nervous system during sleep.

Pillow to help

Fortunately, modern manufacturers now help women get through pregnancy more comfortably by offering special pillows. They are made taking into account the physiological characteristics of a woman in this period and allow you to find a comfortable posture for rest.

You can purchase two pillows and place one under your belly and the other under your knees, looking for your best option. Or you can buy a long banana-shaped pillow that allows you to throw your leg on it during sleep, which improves your well-being and relieves the main load from the lower back and abdomen. Already in the last weeks of pregnancy, when the growing belly does not allow breathing normally, the pillow will allow you to take a comfortable half-sitting position.

Remember that pregnancy is your opportunity to gain strength and fully relax before the most crucial period in your life. Childbirth and the first weeks of caring for your baby will require a lot of energy from you, so health and good sleep!