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What is a proprioceptive tablet, what it is for and when to use it

To introduce this topic it is first necessary to define proprioceptive and proprioceptive exercises. Proprioceptive describes movements guided by proprioceptors, which have the function of providing information about the movements of your body, then, indicate which are the movements that are being performed. The proprioceptive tablet is a tool used to educate the proprioceptors of the feet and are used to rehabilitate the muscles of the body. In fact, it is essential to use it after an injury, which can alter proprioceptive.

An anatomical lesion involves the sensory receptors, causing an unfavourable change in proprioception. This tablet is also known for its rehabilitation of problems related to balance, which may be due to the adoption of an incorrect posture, leading the person to fail to do without accessories such as the lombare pillow and other tools that hardly solve back pain.

The classic proprioceptive tablets are available in two main types:

The classic round proprioceptive tablet has a diameter of forty centimetres, the shelf is resting on a half sphere, which creates a sort of “corrective” instability;

the classic rectangular proprioceptive tablet can have dimensions of 40 x 30 cm, under the shelf there is a half cylinder that creates lateral “corrective” instability.

Among these, a distinction is made:

  • the unidirectional proprioceptive tablet
  • the double proprioceptive tablet
  • the bipodal proprioceptive tablet
  • the semi-moon proprioceptive tablet
  • the proprioceptive running tablet

Proprietary tablets with more complex combinations are available on the market, structured according to the problem to be faced, let’s see some of them:

  • wooden proprioceptive tablet is ideal for rehabilitating the tibiotarsal joint and the knee, if you find it tilting with joist, tilting with semi-moon or round on semi-sphere.
  • double proprioceptive tablet is ideal for rehabilitating the ankle, encouraging extension and lateral flexural movements

Let’s see, below, which are the exercises that can be practiced with the proprioceptive tablet

The simplest exercises are also the most functional ones, for example, lifting a handkerchief by grasping it with your toes. These are carried out with the proprioceptive tablet and may appear simple but require the correct use of the muscles, the strength to be impressed and the balance to be maintained.

Here are some more exercises:

  • maintain the position of balance, with double support
  • maintain the position of balance, with simple support, with one foot and subsequently with the other
  • balanced standing with double support dribbling using a basketball
  • in balance standing with double support throw a ball against the wall and regain it

For whom are these exercises useful?

This is really a phase of re-education of mobilization, which is recommended to undertake following an injury, the above exercises practiced with the proprioceptive tablet can also be performed while sitting, avoiding overloading the joint in case of serious injury.

In the latter cases, the movements to be performed are pronation and supination, inversion and subversion of the foot, based on the instability of the proprioceptive tablet.

In conclusion

The most suitable exercises are loading and unloading, which ensure a better workout for the recovery of balance and muscle reactivation of the joints, after a trauma.

This tool is increasingly used in the gym and at home and in physiotherapy and postural gymnastics due to its versatility and the large amount of benefits it can bring to promote post-traumatic joint recovery and to improve postural balance.

Guide to buying crampons for hiking

Mountain lovers know that this love is anything but honeyed, it is often really bitter, so it is necessary to know how to choose the right equipment for your safety. In recent years, not only has the performance of technical materials improved considerably, combining lightness, practicality and strength, but also the design has gradually refined, to have the right look even at high altitudes. For this reason, the choice of crampons has become really difficult, if 30 years ago it was enough to enter the store and ask for a pair of crampons, today you need to be more prepared. What remains undisputed today as in the past is that if our passion does not allow us to give up hiking in winter, it is necessary to use crampons to avoid disastrous falls.

Hiking ramps

There is a premise to be made: crampons should only be used on roads and paths, high slopes or particularly exposed areas should be avoided. They cannot replace ice crampons and mountaineering equipment that can be used safely even under the most extreme conditions. Hiking crampons should be used in “mixed” conditions: when there is not enough snow for snowshoes, but the road is rather snowy or frozen. They are very similar to car chains, they are gadgets that stick underneath the boots to prevent slipping and must be compatible with all types of boots.

There are two types of crampons for hiking:

  • Sort of chains that pass under the sole. These only fit on snow, but on ice they could slide. Better if in particularly beaten paths or city streets; moreover they are not particularly practical on slopes, even if light.
  • Ramps with small metal points. The latter are small (1-2 cm) and are generally easy to wear thanks to a plastic or rubber support. This model is more used in simple excursions, they face well ice and slight slopes, but for large climbs and descents it is advisable to opt for crampons for mountaineering.

Trail running ramps

For those who do not give up their training even in adverse weather conditions, the advice is always to use comfortable and waterproof shoes with crampons, for example when practicing winter hiking. The suggestions are the same that we can give to hikers, even if – given the type of activity – you have to keep extra cares. It is important to assess the weight and practicality of trail running crampons. On the market you can find some ultralight crampons, made of aluminum or plastic / hard rubber that allow an optimal workout.

Ramps, how much do they cost me?

To answer this question, we have to answer two more questions: what level of activity should I do? How much am I willing to spend on my safety? Surely you need to start from your own level and from the level of your hikes/trail running. If I have to use crampons on a regular basis, it is obvious that I need a sturdy model with good grip.

The price of crampons, in fact, varies greatly between quality and brands, starting from a few euros to reach about a hundred: you have to evaluate the materials, the brands, whether or not they have the tips. It is only by making a cross-comparisonetween what we need, what we find on the market and how much we are willing to spend that we will find the price for our crampons.

Kitesurfing equipment: where to buy it in Milan?

A sailing sport born in 1999 as a variant of surfing, kitesurfing consists in being pulled by a sort of kite that uses the wind as its propeller and that is operated through a bar, to which it is connected by four or five thin cables between 22 and 27 meters long.

Those who practice it stand on a board and glide over the water, with the advantage – unlike windsurfers – of being able to try their hand at kitesurfing even when the wind is weak: this sport, in fact, does not require strong winds to go at speed and to perform tricks and accelerations.

But what kitesurfing equipment do you need to buy if you want to get closer to this sport? After completing a course, which provides its equipment, if you intend to continue you must buy a board (which initially will be a TwinTip board), a sail and a trapeze, as well as a helmet, jacket and a wetsuit. The choice of board and sail must be made on the basis of the rider’s weight.

But which are the best kitesurfing equipment shops in Milan? Let’s find out together.

Decathlon Cairoli

A reference point for fans of any sport, Decathlon (in Foro Buonaparte 74) offers a multitude of products for kitesurfing, windsurfing, traction sport, powerkite, acrobatic kitesurfing and boomerang. Here you can buy the kitesurf boards “Zeruko 500” of Ora, both for men and women, suitable for every type of sportsman: beginner, expert, freeride or freestyle.


In viale Longarone 43-49 in Zibido San Giacomo, in the province of Milan, Negrinautica is the perfect place to buy kitesurfing equipment. Actually, it all started here with sailing: over time, the shop has introduced clothes and accessories for kitesurfing (but also for surfing and SUP), from clothing for men and women to hats and visors (relying on the leading brands NP Surf and Manera) up to the boards.

But there is even, in Milan, a tour operator dedicated to kitesurfing lovers (and not only): it is Sportful Travel, in via Sofonisba Anguissola 20. Specializing in organizing holidays for sportsmen, it offers trips to the best spots in the world for those who want to practice kitesurfing in fairytale contexts.

Surfing Suit: How to choose it?

Summer, for many, rhymes with just one thing: fun! And what better way to have fun in summer than to practice a water sport? Most of them, however, have in common an element that it is advisable to buy with criteria and knowledge: the wetsuit surfing. The wetsuit is in fact essential for those who want to embark on adventurous challenges with kitesurfing or surfing, challenging the rushing waves of the sea and learning to manage their balance outside the water’s surface. Let’s discover together, through this guide, how to choose the right wetsuit to learn how to ride the waves like a real master.

The right criteria for choosing a wetsuit

You might think that a man’s surfsuit or a woman’s surfsuit are all the same – nothing could be more wrong! To know exactly which wetsuit you should buy, you need to take into account your needs and know perfectly “your sea”. What does this mean? It means that, depending on the temperature of the water and also on the time dedicated to the activity of surfing, you will then be able to orient yourself towards the most correct choice. The wetsuit can vary its characteristics depending on the temperature of the water, starting from 7 ° to reach 25 °. The quality of the wetsuit also changes according to the use you make of it in the sea: more basic suits are those for those who intend to “surf” for an hour, which change with more “pro” suits if you intend to do activities up to 3 hours.

The characteristics of a good surf suit

The surf suit, as well as differing in seasonality and length of the sleeves and legs, should be considered on the basis of some basic characteristics. It is very important to pay attention to the material with which it is produced, usually neoprene, but of which there are various types. For those who do not have too many demands, standard neoprene will do very well, while those who aim at real maritime acrobatics are better off choosing superstrech neoprene, with an excellent fit and adaptability.

The thickness of the wetsuit

Another feature to choose the right surfsuit is the thickness, which must necessarily be less if you leave for countries with very hot waters and high temperatures, and more if you decide to surf in colder waters.

Like a second skin

In conclusion, the surfsuit for children, women and men must above all enjoy a high wearability. The advice is never to buy a wetsuit with your eyes closed, but to go to specialized shops to try out different ones and “feel” which one is best suited to your needs. Pay close attention to the rubbing points and the freedom of movement, which must be fluid and natural.

Trekking: the basic equipment to start with

When the sun comes out and the temperatures become milder, it means that the time has come to do so many outdoor activities. Among these, trekking is one of the most suitable not only because it is available to everyone, even the less trained, but because it is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and finally breathe the clean air of the woods.

If it is true, however, that trekking is an activity within everyone’s reach, it is also true that it is never a good idea to start if you do not have the appropriate equipment. Appropriate clothing and accessories such as telescopic poles, a neck warmer or even a suitable backpack, are the first step to start this fascinating activity.

If you have decided to go trekking, but you don’t have the necessary equipment and you don’t know where to start, here is everything you can’t do without.

Hiking boots

It seems obvious and yet the first thing we should buy if we do not own them, are suitable boots for this type of activity. We must , therefore, check that hiking shoes are waterproof and above all resistant to all types of terrain, because nothing is more important than walking smoothly without having to run into annoying sprains.

Technical backpack for trekking

The backpack also plays an important role when it comes to transporting material, especially if it is voluminous, such as sweaters or even water bottles. Going to specialized stores you can find out how much difference a backpack can make available “ad hoc” unlike the classic backpack that maybe was used for school.

Clothing: the rule is to dress “onion”.

When walking in the mountains, you should bear in mind that it can be very cold, but at the same time very hot. Never leave without a sweatshirt and short-sleeved t-shirts. This will keep you safe from unpleasant illnesses.

Telescopic trekking poles

Ideal for beginners and perfect for those who have to walk long distances, the telescopic poles are suitable not only because they allow you to support yourself on two extra legs, but also because they help you to unravel tricky holes. Never go to the mountains without it, even when you have to do Nordic walking.

Ponchos, anoraks and neck warmers

We won’t get tired of saying it: protecting oneself from the cold and wind is the first step to leave for the mountain paths. A precious help comes from the fleece,  breathable material and at the same time able to keep you warm. The windbreaker or mountain shell should be made of a material that is completely resistant to gusts of wind, and if you want to be safe, the Gore-Texindbreakers are perfect. Neckwarmers are also a great remedy against influences and sore throats and if combined with your clothing will be that touch that will make your look unique.

Surfboard: the right model for everyone

Whether it’s indoor gyms, running under the scorching sun or yoga with the unnatural air conditioning – the best way to keep fit while having fun in summer is to surf! As in a real American movie, experiencing the thrill of riding the waves is really invaluable, and of course, one element cannot be missing: the surfboard. You’re probably wondering how to choose the right surfboard for beginners, so you can be sure not to make a mistake and learn the basics to become the real masters of the rough sea. Discover through this little guide on how to choose the right surfboard for you, not forgetting the children’s surfboard: even the youngest ones have the right to discover how much fun this summer sport is.

The characteristics of the right surfboard

Dynamic, fun and challenging: surfing is a truly complete sport, which cannot be separated from the choice of the surfboard. If you are a beginner of the board, here are the features you must take into account to make no mistakes.

Watch out for your weight

The surfboard for beginners must necessarily be lightweight, to make your movements more fluid and natural. Even a medium-sideboard can still maintain a certain lightness, which becomes very important for those who are new to the sport. Go to a specialist shop and “handle” the surfboard you’re thinking of buying: if you can lift it without any problems, it’s probably the one for you. Pay attention also to the size of the board, which must come close to yours.

Watch out for the “tail”

You probably know that the “tail” of the board changes geometrically depending on the models. There are some squared models, others round, others pointed, others “batwing” and more. How to choose the right one? To get started, point to a round tail surfboard: this shape will allow you to perform maneuvers in an easy way and its curvature floats more than the others.

The right material

For beginners, the material to choose from is certainly foam. In fact, expanded polystyrene adapts to those who have to deal with small waves, and consequently allows the surfboard to float more easily. Of course, the foam makes the board softer, so don’t worry if you fall or hit a limb! The small soft board is also the perfect surfboard for children, thanks to its lightweight and small size.

The electric surfboard

Pure fun and ease of movement: the electric surfboard is the right compromise for those who feed on pure adrenaline and love high speeds. Maybe the purists of surfing can turn up their nose a bit, but to start and have fun at the same time there is really nothing better.

Cycling with pedal assistance: everything you need to know

When we go to the city to go to work, to go shopping or to school, the first thing that comes to mind is the traffic, the smog, but especially the difficulty of parking our car every day. The solution could be to buy a pedal-assisted bicycle, a completely ecological vehicle, fast enough to reach the many destinations close to us and above all clean and cheap.

If you want to find out how it works and the many advantages associated with this means of transport, all you have to do is read this section.

Cycling with pedal assistance: how does it work?

The pedal assisted bicycle is nothing more than a hybrid between the classic bicycle and an electrically powered vehicle, such as, for example, an electric scooter or an electric scooter without a license. Its great advantage is in fact that it is equipped with a small electric motor that allows you to pedal with less effort than a non-motorized bicycle.

However, it should not be confused with the classic scooter that maintains its peculiar characteristics of motorized vehicle, not only because the pedal assisted bicycle does not require the license type AM proper to the moped, but also because the Italian law clearly specifies that the speed of the pedal assisted bicycle should not exceed 25 km/h. If you exceed this speed, it is essential to deactivate the electrical assistance of the motor. If this is not the case, the vehicle becomes a moped-equivalent vehicle and is therefore subject to registration plates and compulsory insurance for the electric bike, with subsequent criminal consequences.

Cycling with pedal assistance: advantages

The advantages of using a pedal-assisted bicycle are many, especially when it comes to crossing difficult terrain such as mountains and city streets. In the countryside and in the mountains it is especially useful if you need to reach places of small to medium distances or even to make particularly steep climbs and therefore need a little extra push to get to the goal without effort (so it is not really a great vehicle to lose weight!).

Nor should its great potential to move easily in city traffic be overlooked, especially when the roads are particularly clogged and requires greater agility in city mobility. If the city is your natural habitat, an excellent solution could be to buy a folding pedal assisted bicycle, comfortable to carry and ergonomic, maybe even equipped with GPS to make it even safer and at all times traceable in case of theft.

Cycling with pedal assistance: prices

The prices of pedal-assisted bicycles may vary not only according to the brand, but also according to the various basic equipment such as brakes, saddle, wheels and engine power.

The costs are around 500-600 euros for the cheapest models to reach 1000-1500 euros for the most expensive and equipped models. Finally, it should not be forgotten that the investment for the purchase of a pedal assisted bicycle is, in the end, ridiculous if you consider that you cancel all costs arising from fuel, maintenance and insurance of traditional motor vehicles.

PagineGialle is always at your disposal for the purchase of your next pedal assisted bicycle. Compare prices, request a quote and find the nearest specialist shop wherever you are.