Surfboard: the right model for everyone

Surfboard: the right model for everyone

Whether it’s indoor gyms, running under the scorching sun or yoga with the unnatural air conditioning – the best way to keep fit while having fun in summer is to surf! As in a real American movie, experiencing the thrill of riding the waves is really invaluable, and of course, one element cannot be missing: the surfboard. You’re probably wondering how to choose the right surfboard for beginners, so you can be sure not to make a mistake and learn the basics to become the real masters of the rough sea. Discover through this little guide on how to choose the right surfboard for you, not forgetting the children’s surfboard: even the youngest ones have the right to discover how much fun this summer sport is.

The characteristics of the right surfboard

Dynamic, fun and challenging: surfing is a truly complete sport, which cannot be separated from the choice of the surfboard. If you are a beginner of the board, here are the features you must take into account to make no mistakes.

Watch out for your weight

The surfboard for beginners must necessarily be lightweight, to make your movements more fluid and natural. Even a medium-sideboard can still maintain a certain lightness, which becomes very important for those who are new to the sport. Go to a specialist shop and “handle” the surfboard you’re thinking of buying: if you can lift it without any problems, it’s probably the one for you. Pay attention also to the size of the board, which must come close to yours.

Watch out for the “tail”

You probably know that the “tail” of the board changes geometrically depending on the models. There are some squared models, others round, others pointed, others “batwing” and more. How to choose the right one? To get started, point to a round tail surfboard: this shape will allow you to perform maneuvers in an easy way and its curvature floats more than the others.

The right material

For beginners, the material to choose from is certainly foam. In fact, expanded polystyrene adapts to those who have to deal with small waves, and consequently allows the surfboard to float more easily. Of course, the foam makes the board softer, so don’t worry if you fall or hit a limb! The small soft board is also the perfect surfboard for children, thanks to its lightweight and small size.

The electric surfboard

Pure fun and ease of movement: the electric surfboard is the right compromise for those who feed on pure adrenaline and love high speeds. Maybe the purists of surfing can turn up their nose a bit, but to start and have fun at the same time there is really nothing better.

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