Surfing Suit: How to choose it?

Surfing Suit: How to choose it?

Summer, for many, rhymes with just one thing: fun! And what better way to have fun in summer than to practice a water sport? Most of them, however, have in common an element that it is advisable to buy with criteria and knowledge: the wetsuit surfing. The wetsuit is in fact essential for those who want to embark on adventurous challenges with kitesurfing or surfing, challenging the rushing waves of the sea and learning to manage their balance outside the water’s surface. Let’s discover together, through this guide, how to choose the right wetsuit to learn how to ride the waves like a real master.

The right criteria for choosing a wetsuit

You might think that a man’s surfsuit or a woman’s surfsuit are all the same – nothing could be more wrong! To know exactly which wetsuit you should buy, you need to take into account your needs and know perfectly “your sea”. What does this mean? It means that, depending on the temperature of the water and also on the time dedicated to the activity of surfing, you will then be able to orient yourself towards the most correct choice. The wetsuit can vary its characteristics depending on the temperature of the water, starting from 7 ° to reach 25 °. The quality of the wetsuit also changes according to the use you make of it in the sea: more basic suits are those for those who intend to “surf” for an hour, which change with more “pro” suits if you intend to do activities up to 3 hours.

The characteristics of a good surf suit

The surf suit, as well as differing in seasonality and length of the sleeves and legs, should be considered on the basis of some basic characteristics. It is very important to pay attention to the material with which it is produced, usually neoprene, but of which there are various types. For those who do not have too many demands, standard neoprene will do very well, while those who aim at real maritime acrobatics are better off choosing superstrech neoprene, with an excellent fit and adaptability.

The thickness of the wetsuit

Another feature to choose the right surfsuit is the thickness, which must necessarily be less if you leave for countries with very hot waters and high temperatures, and more if you decide to surf in colder waters.

Like a second skin

In conclusion, the surfsuit for children, women and men must above all enjoy a high wearability. The advice is never to buy a wetsuit with your eyes closed, but to go to specialized shops to try out different ones and “feel” which one is best suited to your needs. Pay close attention to the rubbing points and the freedom of movement, which must be fluid and natural.

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