Trekking: the basic equipment to start with

Trekking: the basic equipment to start with

When the sun comes out and the temperatures become milder, it means that the time has come to do so many outdoor activities. Among these, trekking is one of the most suitable not only because it is available to everyone, even the less trained, but because it is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and finally breathe the clean air of the woods.

If it is true, however, that trekking is an activity within everyone’s reach, it is also true that it is never a good idea to start if you do not have the appropriate equipment. Appropriate clothing and accessories such as telescopic poles, a neck warmer or even a suitable backpack, are the first step to start this fascinating activity.

If you have decided to go trekking, but you don’t have the necessary equipment and you don’t know where to start, here is everything you can’t do without.

Hiking boots

It seems obvious and yet the first thing we should buy if we do not own them, are suitable boots for this type of activity. We must , therefore, check that hiking shoes are waterproof and above all resistant to all types of terrain, because nothing is more important than walking smoothly without having to run into annoying sprains.

Technical backpack for trekking

The backpack also plays an important role when it comes to transporting material, especially if it is voluminous, such as sweaters or even water bottles. Going to specialized stores you can find out how much difference a backpack can make available “ad hoc” unlike the classic backpack that maybe was used for school.

Clothing: the rule is to dress “onion”.

When walking in the mountains, you should bear in mind that it can be very cold, but at the same time very hot. Never leave without a sweatshirt and short-sleeved t-shirts. This will keep you safe from unpleasant illnesses.

Telescopic trekking poles

Ideal for beginners and perfect for those who have to walk long distances, the telescopic poles are suitable not only because they allow you to support yourself on two extra legs, but also because they help you to unravel tricky holes. Never go to the mountains without it, even when you have to do Nordic walking.

Ponchos, anoraks and neck warmers

We won’t get tired of saying it: protecting oneself from the cold and wind is the first step to leave for the mountain paths. A precious help comes from the fleece,  breathable material and at the same time able to keep you warm. The windbreaker or mountain shell should be made of a material that is completely resistant to gusts of wind, and if you want to be safe, the Gore-Texindbreakers are perfect. Neckwarmers are also a great remedy against influences and sore throats and if combined with your clothing will be that touch that will make your look unique.

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